About us?


About us?

We are trained filmmakers and before entering to filmmaking we had experiences in defferent fields i.e engineering, defence, corporate,etc. 

Our experience and knowledge is the key of this organisation. The main agenda behind this organisation is to simplify and making things easier for the filmmakers.

Our speciality is providing locations for shoots .Why we focus only on locations because a location is the integral part of a film and you can not imagine any film without a location whether it is Pyas’a printing press office or Sholay’s Ramgarh village Location plays a vital role and it’s not less than a Gabbar or Jai Veeru himself .

So with this idea of providing locations we are ready to serve you the best suitable options as per your script whether it is advertisement a short film ,any music video, Web series or a full fledged feature film 

We are ready to let you ‘Roll and Action.


Naman Bhati